Converted try !

We can tell that reactions have been mixed when we announced our intention of creating a New Antiques and collections fair in Dunkerque.
Some 60 kamikazes followed us in this enterprise and weren't disappointed: more than 3000 visitors turned up including a lot of buyers. Due to the very positive feedback, most of the traders are in the process of renewing their registration for the next fair on 28th and 29th March.
Visitors were pleased and enthusiastic: "A great deal of beautiful items and a lot of people, we were impressed by the Advertising campaign and so are we now with the success" mailed us a Dunkerque inhabitant. It's with a great satisfaction, even though the market is not at its best, that we are proud to have organized such a successful meeting between buyers and sellers with a great encouraging message.
We've bet on a large Advertising campaign to announce this fair in France, Belgium, and England and we'll carry on this way.
Many thanks to the traders who did contribute to a friendly atmosphere and a dynamic fair.
Many thanks to all our visitors, especially to those who came from a long way away , we trust they will come to visit our next fair in Maubeuge on 21st and 22nd February, where a 120 traders will unveil their treasures!

Pascale PLAZANET and Sylvie BONNEAU